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Kya Banoge Badey Hoker?

Everyone asked me this question.........kya banoge badey hoker?

No one asked me this,

What kind of the person, will I be in the relationship?

  • Will I be Romantic or Unromantic ??

  • Empathetic or Self-fish.

  • Trusting Or Doubting Person

  • Understanding or Fighting partner.

  • Humble person or Egoistic person

  • Positive character or Negative character.

  • Money or Love or Both

  • Peaceful person or tensed person.

  • Loyal To One or Crave For Many.

How will I be for my body?

  • Lethargic or energetic.

  • Healthy Food or Junk food

  • Fit body or unfit body.

  • Flexible or Rigid.

Career toh set ho he jata hai sabka kahi na kahi. Everyone eventually find a career for survival.

But surviving without good health or without suitable relationship..................why no one bother on this?????

Everyone know how many hours one has to devote to his or her career. Does anyone know how much time one has to devote to his or her relationship or body?

Everyone Ignored this ! But every wants fit body and energizing relationship.

The guiding soul helps you to find "what kind of person will you be in the relationship?" What kind of health life you will be having?

To know the answers, come connect with us.

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