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What women Want in a men?

Updated: May 6, 2023

This is tricky for a men to find, not for a women to tell it!

  1. Relieve her from unnecessary stress.......Women ke pass bahut hi faltu ke stress hotey hai. Like to look pritty she has to go through unneces

sary pain. Waste her time, money and energy in beautification. IF MEN LOVES HER THE WAY GOD DESIGNED HER ORIGINALLY. Life long Women loves those men who love her the way she is !!!!!!!!

2. Funny Men, I mean good sense of humor. Women love those men who has good sense of humor. Haso or Hasao!!!! Maybe you thought that women loves only those men who plays guitar. Old fashioned !!! Now in stressed life, everyone is seeking stress relieving drug. best are jokes. SO MEN!!!!! Please find reason to crack some jokes which are good for health and mood.

3. Caring!!!!! Caring!!!! Caring!!!!! Everyone love ki koi uski care karey. Caring is different from possessiveness. Caring means when you give priority to the conform of your GIRL/WOMEN. Passiveness means when you give priority to MEN's insecurity. Remember!!!! Girl can sense the difference. MEN BE CARING.

Don't push possessiveness underneath of carpet caring.

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